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Terms of the agreement

Dear Ladies And Gentlemen,

The activity of our salon is aimed at providing guests with various services of relaxacyjno-rest. We understand the complexity and intensity of modern life, the rapid rhythm of a big city, which does not allow a full rest and the opportunity to take a break from business. Our Salon is happy to provide such a rest to its visitors. We are working to improve the physical fitness of our guests. We provide our guests with an individual approach.

We place ourselves as a living room engaged in sports and recreational activities and the provision of personal services. We do not provide medical services. The use of massage elements in some relaxation programs is not a therapeutic massage.

Our services are based on knowledge about the subtle practices of the East and the achievements of Western culture. We have been practicing these techniques for more than 10 years.

In order to relax and relax the guests, we use various technologies. We will offer you a wide range of holiday scenarios.

We invite you to take part in a tea ceremony in our salon, organized in the best Oriental traditions. Psychological comfort, positive attitude and relaxation, you can achieve during a conversation over a cup of tea in the company of a benevolent employee of the salon. We give you the opportunity to stay in silence, in case a Spa visitor needs it.

We draw your attention

Our salon is not engaged in the provision of commercial sexual services. All services depend on the general concept of our salon - providing comfort, rest and relaxation to guests using special technologies that do not contradict the norms of social culture. We care about the moral health of our citizens. Minors cannot visit our salon. It is unacceptable to offer sexual intercourse to salon employees in any form. Any actions contrary to the Rules of visiting the salon may be grounds for ending the rest program and general refusal to provide services. Please carefully read the rules of visiting the salon in order to prevent konfliktowym situations, in order to prevent violations of ethical standards in the salon that offend the honor and dignity of employees.

The salon has a "book of complaints and suggestions", which the Administrator issues to the guest at his request.

We are constantly working to offer visitors new programs, improve the quality of services provided, for which we invite only the best specialists with the appropriate education and qualifications to the salon for staff training. Some elements of eroticism used in some programs by the staff of the living room are aimed only at satisfying the cultural and aesthetic needs of the salon guests.

Rules for visiting the Randevu salon

  • Persons under the influence of alcohol and drugs are not guests of the salon;
  • Employees do not provide sexual services !!!
  • The employee does not provide therapeutic massage services;
  • If the program is delayed for more than 5 minutes, the guest pays 5 ?? / min;
  • It is forbidden to bring video and photo equipment, faloimitatorów, vibrators into the office. If you try to bring these items for the massage room, the employee will ask you to leave them in the living room.
  • The employee has the right to interrupt the rest program in the event of:- Physical propensity for sex;- Penetration activity in the groin and bikini area.


In such cases, the money for the services will not be refunded!

Unconditional compliance with the rules that makes a visit to our salon is convenient and safe for our guests!

Therefore, we strictly observe them! We hope for your understanding!

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