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Our dizzying program is dedicated to those who crave novelty and are in search of unexplored sensations in a familiar relationship with a partner! After passing it, you will discover each other anew, you will feel new facets of the soul and body of your soulmate. In the finale of the action, after a tedious sweet excitement, there is a fantastic fireworks of ecstasy. And also - the opportunity to be alone with each other for an hour (this service costs 1000 rubles).


  • Masters are completely naked, it is allowed to touch their bodies;
  • Taking a shower together with the masters before and after the program, the erotic component of the program in the shower;
  • Erotic part of the program with the use of oil on the tatami - Thai body relax;
  • Wellness part of the whole body program using oil;
  • Tea ceremony/buffet/hookah

Program duration: 90 minutes

The cost of the program: 1350zł.

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